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Worked All States 160 SSB completed (eng.)
От ra4lw
Публикация: 7 Январь 2010

русский текст 

Many of you perhaps have WAS on HF, and a few have 5 Band WAS.

 And now imagine WAS 160 – CW that I did 1.5 years ago. Condition during the last two ...

seasons on TOP were so excellent that I decided to go for WAS160 SSB. North America is hard area to work from my location, and nobody has an idea or logic how I manage to do it. This part of the globe is completely "closed" with Northern Aurora zone. Even with low Au values, the path goes through Aurora cap.

  Here is online Aurora model, with Au=3, made by DxAtlas. You can see there that only Caribics to the left, and Japan to the right are opened for my location.


I started with excellent condition on the 9th December 2009; on that day Dave/WD5COV was audible long time after my sunrise. His signal was quite strong, and I decided to go for WAS160 SSB. On the 10th December 2009 my long-years friend Alex, RU4HP arrive at my QTH, and he spent the whole night on the band. On that day I only managed to make some short QSOs. The condition on the 11th-13th December was still excellent, and I prepared a table with call signs that were already in my log; I entered them manually. When I analyzed my CW log for the last 4 years, I entered needed calls with a pencil.

Hope many of you will see familiar (and yours as well) calls in my table.


I'm grateful to Tree/N6TR(OR), Jim/N7JW(UT), Alex/W0ZTL(ND), Bob/N7UA(WA), and many others who continuously called me in order to check the propagation. Another problem was that many hams did not believe the possibility of SSB QSO on 160. I asked a few of them "pse qsy SSB" during our CW QSO Don/KA7T(ID), Bill/K0HA(NE). Sometimes I asked HAMs from new states in "ON4KST Chat" to go and check my SSB, - they are Charles/K5ZK(MS), Ken/K5KC(OK), Wayne/N7NG(WY), Jon/AA1K(DE).  Many times I heard surprise in their voice during the QSO. For example, that was Larry/VE5UA, who worked 50W only, and we made FB SSB QSO Low Power. Thank you Larry for your audio record of our QSO. 


Amazingly, NA Condx stayed for some more days, and when it begun to decrease by 14th December, I had 43 SSB states in my log. The hardest time has started. By my experience, I realized that 40-50 SSB QSO are not realistic, and that a new condx peak will happen not earlier than after some two weeks. But I continued "CQ North America" around 1845 every night. That was back-breaking time. I understood, one may call CQ continuously and wastefully, I decided to write a few emails to hams who were already in my CW log, and would be able for a sched. A few “needed states” replied - Terry/WB4OSS(KY),  Larry/K1LPS(VT)-TNX; Tess/K1DT(RI) wrote he has no possibility to work SSB (see his page at qrz.com, - I like it!).

Propagation between 16th – 28th December was very poor, but I managed to have in log  Merv/KH7C(HI) on 25th December and Vic/N8OO(LA) on 21st December. By 29th December, there were only 3 states left, after a few tries I managed to put Arliss/W7XU(SD) in my log, and on the same day, “right out of the blue”, Al/W1PX/(RI) called me. That was it! Only MO (Missouri) remained by 30th December. 


Two days Geo/W8UVZ(MI) who knew I need one state only, came up to assist on my frequency; after checking the propagation between us, Geo called his MO friends to arrange a sked. The first call to NA0Y was not a hit, the second call to NI0F was lucky. Bud is not a ТОР-band operator, he has his own points on QSO procedures. After he got my “45”, it was his turn to send me his RS. For about three minutes I could not understand what he was counting down there, - there were continuous “one, two, three; one, two three…”, and with these QSB this all was unexplainable. I told him, stop counting, give two RS numbers only, and that’s it!!! When I heard “three-three; three-three…”. I realized he was cointing my report . I said my last thanks to Budy for QSO and to Geo for his help. That was it! After 21 days of continuous CQ NA SSB I reached my goal. If I would count “new state” days, there are only TEN, and that seems to me just unrealistic! Some SSB sounds are available here: 1, 2, 3

One more time, many thanks to those who called me in SSB, to those who granted me this fantastic possibility to achieve Worked All States 160m SSB !!! Now, I need to get all cards, prepare application, and search how many Europeans already have this award!

I'll be very grateful to everyone if you will send me 'direct' for SSB, for my collection, same as mine WAS160CW. The QSL certainly I'll send too

--------------------------------------------December 2010----------------------------------------------

I'm happy! Now in my collection, all 50 QSL from all 50 states USA


 I like Top Band...it is my life!

Good luck on ТОР, Vlad/RA4LW

P.S. TS850SAT and IC775DX2 , Vertical 43m with 120 radials, bevs 354m long

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